MTStudio PRIVATE BETA LAUNCH DATE: November 1, 2018

What is MTStudio?

Design your own multitouch virtual MIDI / DMX controller, run it over a private wifi network, and bring your tablets and multitouch laptops into your already amazing performance.

Imagine 5 $40 multitouch tablets (every OS is supported, example price Amazon Fire HD 8 in bulk) running multiple patches for your DAW (Ableton's operator, impulse, and drum rack for instance), DJ software, lighting... really anything you can think of. Add on N-directional communication and data-binding -- that means when your buddy moves a fader on the same patch on tablet A, you see the change on your tablet B and can fight for control if you so desire... or you could just collaborate and have fun. Up to you!

All of this is possible with MTStudio. Now it's your turn to play around and show us what you've come up with. Try some patches other users have made and share your own. We would love to see it.


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